Monday, November 2, 2015

Special Project for a Special Girl!

I had seen a local news story about a little girl in our community who is up against some incredible odds.   She has not only been facing her illness but she has attempted to forge ahead and help her family by painting rocks for donations.  You can see her story here: Morgan's Creations

I was happy to make a "company sign" for this girl who has a BIG heart and BIG dreams!

Happy Fall, Y'All!

When I had the opportunity to do a work project in my scraproom I was SOOOOO excited!  I completed this project for an assisted living home which had a fall fundraiser.  I love projects where I can make the world prettier!

Pinterest Success!

So I had found this project posted on Pinterest years ago and I had finally gotten to completing it now that I have had some time.  I love that it is a little bit naughty but no too much.  Hehehehehe.

Back at it.....Finally!!!

After three years of completing my Masters of Social Work at Michigan State I am now free to attempt to make the world a prettier place, that is after all what my goal is.  Most of my initial projects were hindered a bit as I had gotten the new Cricut machine and I had to learn how to use Design Space.  It was well worth it though for the smiles I had gained!

The first projects were for one of my best friends from my childhood, after years she and her husband have conceived - so we HAD to make some prettys for them and their little girl!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anticipated to be all my wedding gifts from here on out!

Thanks to Pinterest I snagged this spectacular idea for a wedding gift.  So I grabbed my cricut, my gypsy, some vinyl and an old frame from my local thrift store. When I completed the image on my gypsy I flipped it for the cut so that I could adhere it to the inner portion of the glass instead of the outside part. This is what came out of the deal: 
I was so pleased with the outcome of this that I will defiantly make additional ones in the future....and maybe one for our home too (I mean, we deserve one right?). 

Srap Weekend!

So every year some of my scrap friends go to a hotel, lock ourselves in with just the girls, our pj's, lots of snacks, some adhesive and the pool.  We are fortunate to have a great group of ladies, just wanted to share some of my creations with you from what was completed that weekend:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Goodies!

Well Christmas has come and gone and now I can post some of the goodies I had worked on.  I think I have found my true love....vinyl on the cricut (and on everything else!)  It is so versatile and easy to work with, I wish more people who use the cricut would give it a try.  Well here are a few things that I did recently :)

And this one was a bank.....

Like I said, so easy and the kiddies love getting something with their name on it!  I go through a lot of pink!
Hope you all had a spectacular holiday.  xoxo